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Published Papers

 Sorted by year of publication beginning from most recent.


What do accruals tell us about future cash flows

With Mary Barth, & Doron Israeli. Review of Accounting Studies. 2016

Disclosure Quality, Diversification, and the Cost of Capital

Australian Journal of Management. 2013

The Accrual Anomaly: Australian Evidence

With Damian Fuller, Brett Govendir, & Peter Wells. Accounting and Finance. 2012

Predicting Failure of Developmental Mining Projects

With Andrew Ferguson, & Stephen Kean. Australian Accounting Review. 2011

The Real Bottom Line


With Keryn Chalmer, & Jayne Godfrey. InTheBlack

The Usefulness of Direct and Indirect Cash Flow Information

With Baljit Sidhu, & Samantha Sin. Review of Accounting Studies. 2002

Capital Markets Research and the Goodwill Debate

Australian Accounting Review. 1995

Market Perceptions of SFAS 69 Reserve-Related Disclosures

With Jody Magliolo. Accounting Review. 1992

Voluntary disclosure and the cost of capital

With Ro Verrecchia. Australian Journal of Management. 2015

Capital Gains Taxes and the Market Response to Public Announcements in an Indexation-Based Tax Regime

With Mahmoud Odat. Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics. 2012

Audit Quality and Information Asymmetry between Traders

With Don Stokes, & Tingting Zhu. Accounting and Finance. 2012

Changes in value relevance of accounting information upon IFRS adoption: Evidence from Australia

With Keryn Chalmers, & Jayne Godfrey. Australian Journal of Management. 2011

Scale Effects in Capital Markets-based Accounting Research

With Mary Barth. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting. 2009

Accounting Measurement and Capital Market Research

Australian Accounting Review. 2000

Differential Tax Benefits and the Pension Reversion Decision


With Toshi Shibano. Journal of Accounting and Economics. 1996

CEO Compensation and Components of Earnings in Bank Holding Companies

With Jody Magliolo. Journal of Accounting and Economics. 1993

Islamic bank incentives and discretionary loan loss provisions

With Sayd Farook, & M. Kabir Hassan. Pacific-Basin Finance Journal. 2014

Intangible Assets, International Financial Reporting Standards, and Analysts’ Earnings Forecasts

With Keryn Chalmers, Jayne Godfrey, & Zi Wei. Accounting and Finance. 2012

Profit distribution management by Islamic banks: An empirical investigation

With Sayd Farook, & M. Kabir Hassan. Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance. 2012

Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards: Impact on the Value Relevance of Intangible Assets

With Keryn Chalmers, & Jayne Godfrey. Australian Accounting Review. 2008

Market Effects of Recognition and Disclosure

With Mary Barth, & Toshi Shibano. Journal of Accounting Research. 2003

International Accounting Harmonization and Global Equity Markets

With Mary Barth, & Toshi Shibano. Journal of Accounting and Economics. 1999

Competitive Disadvantage and Discretionary Disclosure in Industries


With Ro Verrecchia. Australian Journal of Management. 1997

The Impact of Labor's Gold Tax on the Stock Market


With Greg Whittred, & Justin Wood. Accounting Research Journal. 1995

Market Microstructure and Capital Market Information Content Research. Studies in Accounting Research #32

With Philip Brown, & George Foster. American Accounting Association. 1992

Intra-Industry Information Releases: A Recursive Systems Approach

With Norm Sinclair. Journal of Accounting and Economics. 1987


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